International Courier and Parcel Service

Columbia Smart Box is the name of our newest business idea, through it we offer an integral solution to your personal shopping in the US, this goes from searching specific products, purchase process, importation of the items and all the way to the delivery of your goods right in your front door.

This product is integrated by:

  • International courier delivery.- You are provided with a delivery address in San Diego, Ca where we receive your purchases to then redirect them to your Mexican address. We can consolidate one shipment with several purchases received on different days from different websites, in order to provide you with the most convenient price.
  • Columbia Smart Box.– An international PO Box rental designed for continuous mail reception and package handling at affordable prices.
  • Online suppliers and merchandise search.– Our associates team will search for products offering two additional options to your search for you to make the best and convenient choice.
  • Online purchase for customers.- We can process purchases on your behalf at websites that offer products to sale within the US.

Get all kinds of products from around the world right at your front door!

Buy any kind of items, from magazines to specialized spare parts, electronics devices and household items!

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